The Isakson family

A couple of days I found this picture in my computer. I had scanned it a while ago and back then I had no clue about the people in the picture. Now, maybe a year later, I suddenly realized that this family has to be my great great grandmothers sister with her husband, children and grandchildren. A family I have spent lots of time searching for with no success. I had almost given up my attempts to find them, but because of this picture, I’m now more determined than ever to find them. They emigrated from Sweden to the U.S. in 1882 and so far I have no idea where in the U.S. they settled down, which is my biggest problem at the moment.

The older woman and man in the group are Sofia Charlotta Gustafsdotter, born August 12, 1849, in Norra Solberga parish and her husband Johan August Isaksson, born July 9, 1839, in Säby parish. They had six children when the emigrated and I believe probably all these children are in the picture but grown-up now.

Ida Charlotta, born May 9, 1870, in Norra Solberga parish
August Lovisa, born May 23, 1872, in Hult parish
Karl Oskar Ludvig, born February 3, 1874, in Hult parish
Anna Matilda (Thilda), born April 13, 1877, in Hult parish
Emma Albertina, born April 21, 1879, in Flisby parish
Hilda Rebecka, born October 30, 1881, in Norra Solberga parish

Here is another picture of the family, probably taken the same day as the first one.

If anyone recognize these people, please get in touch with me!


Family reunion

On June 30th we had a big family reunion for Josefina and Carl Jonssons descendants with 140 people attending. More pictures can been found here.

Axel Ahlstrand

Julie took this photo of Axel and Juanita’s gravestone at Mt. Olive Cemetery in Chicago. Axel was one of Carl Ahlstrand’s sons in the second marriage and lived in the Chicago area with his wife Juanita Kirby and their daughter June. He also spent a couple of years working in Los Angeles.

Josefina Ahlstrand

A photo of Josefina Ahlstrand, my great grandmother, and a sister to Carl Ahlstrand mentioned below in the post from May 25th. Josefina was born August 21, 1853.

Josefina married Carl Jonsson on New Years Eve 1881 and this is her and Carl’s grave at Näsby cemetery.

On January 5th, 1858, Carl Jonson was born here in this house in Steninge, Näsby parish.

The last couple of months I have been kind of obsessed with researching the Ahlstrand branch of my family tree. I found some of the family members a couple of years ago, but when my third cousin Julie found me in January 2005, my interest in the Ahlstrand family grew because just like me she was very interested in searching for the members of the family and also wanted to know what happened to everyone.
Janne and I just spent a couple of very nice days with Julie and her husband Kurt in Forest Lake outside Chicago and one of the days Julie and her dad Vernon (my mom’s second cousin) took us to Skokie Memorial Park to look at graves.

This is the grave of Rudolph Ahlstrand (my grandfathers cousin), his wife Anna Elvira Ahlstrand (maiden name Rahm) and their first born son Rudolph Ahlstrand who died as a young boy from pneumonia.

Rudolph’s father Carl Ahlstrand had three children in his first marriage to Ida Josefina Petersdotter and all three (Elin, Rudolph and Ruth) are buried here at the same cemetery. This is Rudolph’s sister Ruth together with her husband Otto Carlson.

The firstborn child in Carl’s first marriage was Elin, here is her grave. She died very young, only 31 years old, with two small children, Ruth and Maurice.

This is Elin’s husband Osgurd (1883-1971)together with his second wife Elizabeth (1887-1975). Osgurd was an artist and there are paintings made by him, but then he used the name A. Goranson.

Here is Elin’s daughter Ruth Vosnos (1912-1988).

And this is John Vosnos (1910-1971) who Ruth married.

Marie Goranson (1851-1923) is probably Elin Ahlstrand’s mother-in-law.

And Emilia (1880-1969) is probably Elin’s sister-in-law and Osgurds sister.

Another blog…

Last night, when I couldn’t fall asleep because of jetlag from our recent trip to the States, I began thinking about starting a new blog, a blog about my genealogy research and about family history. One reason is that genealogy is my current passion and then it is easy to write about it, another reason is that I would like to have a blog where I can keep my relatives and family updated about my research and also others research. So come back soon and see what I have added!